Just give me a moment

The universe just loves to give it all at once huh?

 I was at a toastmasters meeting last night and I was responding to 5 different text threads, like full blown planning conversations (very terrible etiquette for sure, but they didn't seem to mind). All conversations dealing with current travel plans, future travel plans, and talking with potential guests. I then had a fantastic talk and catching up with one of my old friends from back in the day, Norman Capinpin,that actually extended further than the recorded interview itself. Look out for it next week Tuesday (9/13). It was a very busy night for sure.

Today I got last minute details for my flight out to San Francisco, two side projects to complete, and a recording this afternoon. Also gotta actually do work today. Luckily I got some spare time in between to write this post. So I got some stuffs to do. 

Definitely got stuffs to do...

So it's a busy life, I think everyone feels a little bit of that as well. Does it feel kinda shitty right now? Yeah I guess it does. But y'know I do love it more than anything. The feeling of being useful, having things to accomplish, and overall doing the things I want to do. I don't think I'd trade a hectic schedule for anything else right now. Just give me like 30 mins at a time while I work to finish shit, universe. I think that's the point though. No matter how much needs to be done, or how busy you feel, just tackle it one at a time and it'll work it's way out.... y'know just like how Bruce Lee takes down a group of thugs, one at a time.

On Saturday 9/10, we'll have episode 17 out with my chat with Benji Menor, a film maker. We'll talk about movies, family, what it means to work creatively, and his experience through film school.

Saturday 9/10 Episode 17 - Benji Menor

Saturday 9/10 Episode 17 - Benji Menor