Sometimes it's hard to do

And sometimes it's not...

Hey everyone, it's been a while. About 2 weeks to be exact. I spent about a week where I took a fantastic vacation/retreat to northern California where I met some amazingly wonderful people, I took a drive down the coastline highway while having great conversations, had some amazing food, hmmm oh and I broke up with my girlfriend along the way. Yeah that was awkward. Then I spent another week, looking like I'm busy so I can avoid some very uncomfortable conversations with people close and not so close to me as well as squeeze a few interviews out and work really hard at not being too mopey and stuff. 

I find it very interesting that I'm able to write this out here and not even talk it out with some close friends (probably working out some support issues I think). I think it's because I like to think that no one reads this so I can bask in the anonymity of hiding in plain sight. (There's something in there that I'll need to explore later.)

Breakups are never easy, but this one was at least mutual so I'll get over it. I'd like to say that this one was as civil as it could be. It still sucks though, because it does mean the end of something. The only good thing I can see is that now I can do that great weight loss program, "How to lose weight in 4 easy steps" or subsequent video here (credit to Aaron Bleyaert from Conan). All kidding aside though, I'm pressing on.

Episode 20 drops tomorrow and that is with my good friend Edean Rivera. I was thoroughly surprised where this conversation went from the get go (it might have been well timed). Two upcoming guests will be Sara Daigle, a gong meditation/healing facilitator, and Jun Cabisan, an old friend talking about a journey of his own.  Look out for all of them it's coming.

I get it baby goose, but we just got to let go before we can move forward..

I get it baby goose, but we just got to let go before we can move forward..