And glad to be back...

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen... as if we never left.

I always liked using that line because it implied that familiarity I always seek. It gives that little bit of shortcut of knowing where it gives the audience a sense of me belonging up on stage in the first place. What I find it does is it cuts through a lot of the bullshit of introductions. It's like me asking someone I just met, "What was your name AGAIN?" Of course this assumes that the trick works. When it doesn't work... people just get frekin confused. 

So that's a lot of explanation to me not wanting to really write a proper introduction... and then writing one anyway. 

So Welcome to How You GYST.

I'm Jason Baguio. I'm an engineer, deep thinker, public speaker, part time comedian, rest of the time normal job, confused writer, and your host for this podcast.

This whole podcast is about discovering and exploring exactly what life is for different people. I've always got into discussions with my friends on how they came to live the life they have. I always came out of those conversations learning something new with the same breath thinking, "shit we should have recorded that". So here we are. After much procrastination, I finally got off and just fucking did it. Pretty much to the point where the posting of the episodes became an afterthought. 

So here's my initial news tidbit after sneaking in 5 episodes beforehand. More are coming. Stay tuned for the actual weekly schedule I'm sticking to as I work this shit out. 

In the meantime, checkout the conversations out now and keep an eye out for new episodes as they get posted in the next couple of days.

Feedback is always welcome. Let us know in the comments or you can email the show at or you can also leave us a review on itunes. Either way you go, just let us know. 



thanks again Arnold.

thanks again Arnold.