Last Week Today

And some of this week tonight.

It's been a very busy week so far. A lot of which revolved around "taking the time to take the time". Big lesson learned in the beginning of the week? I really need to learn to let go when I get a cancellation. I still take it personal when I get a cancelled appointment. Learning to let it go is a big part of my process that I'm actively working with. First off I would like to thank the 100 or people I had already contacted for a spot to be a guest on the show. Whether you read it or not or you took the time to really consider it you definitely have my thanks. To the 30 or so of you out there who are once and future guest, you have my deepest appreciation. Thanks for helping to help me water this crazy seed of a dream. 

Toward the end of last week was when I was at my busiest, recording gong sessions with both super awesome gong ladies, Aubrey Pabon and Sara Daigle, having to be a guest on my own show (coming up episode 22), and just full on filling out my month with interview spots (again, a great big appreciation to those that chose to respond). And to top it all off... Luke Cage came out on Netflix...Sweet Christmas Luke Cage! Dagnabit I'll be damned I wasn't finishing that over the weekend. Ok so I skipped out on running a 25k race on Sunday. Oh well, something had to give. Crap I really wish I don't choose to skip out on that. In the end, here we are as always.... Working to fit it all. That's ok, well do better next time. 

I sincerely hope people out there enjoyed my convo with Sarah Daigle (ep 20) because I really did. Tomorrow I'll release episode 21 with my conversation with Jun Cabisan. I thought that was a pretty interesting take. And on Saturday I release my switcheroo episode with Aubrey Pabon doing hosting duties. I had a great time with that. Look out for them.