Schedule? what's a schedule?

I'm putting it in the book!!

That's the usual phrase that gets echoed in my head when I'm confirming with a guest for the podcast. I wanted to write a little here about what it takes to have someone on the show. Sometimes it's easy as just asking someone. Other times I really have to explain what I'm doing, remind them who I am (that hurts cuz we're supposed to be friends), and answer each and every one of the questions that may be swimming in peoples' heads when I tell them "hey! come be a guest on my podcast!". And sometimes I get this: "      ". (That's nothing if you were wondering.) At this point, I'm not sure which one is worse: every question under the sun or nothing. Well I'm pretty sure I don't like nothing. We'll see as time goes on. 

When someone finally agrees to be a guest... I jump for joy, do a little happy dance, sing a song, eat a cookie, and generally run through the streets greeting everyone I meet. 

I then tell myself, "I'm putting it in the book!" Here's a peak at me filling October out...

Don't mind the chicken scratch.... it's all part of the process

Don't mind the chicken scratch.... it's all part of the process

But here's the problem I just realized (read as, never thought of until now). I run into cancellations and reschedules and everything else under the sun... and then I get to procrastinating (that's never fun). 

But here and now I'm making the commitment that I'm posting these episodes on Tuesdays and Saturdays. And also if I'm contacting you for a spot, it genuinely comes from a place of wanting to share and hear your story. (so don't be all like paranoid and shit)

I like that this is all ironically said on a Tuesday (dun dun duuuunnnn!!). It'll be out by tonight.

Hope you enjoyed the switch episode released yesterday. I had fun making those, in fact any previous guest is invited to interview anyone they want (including myself) on the show. Let's have some fun with this.

Coming up today, 10/11/16, is my conversation with my good friend Corey Pabo who talks about what drives him throughout his life. On Saturday 10/15/16 is one epic conversation with Chris Lum Lee which eventually covers a lot. Great stories from both. Look out for them.