Episode 68 - Logan Tyler Nelson

Scratch your Own Itch (SYOI)

Everyone say hi to Logan Tyler Nelson. He's a coach, writer, and business strategist. What's more is he's the creator and host of the Scratch your Own Itch podcast (link). Logan is an advocate and curator of "fierce conversation" where people come together to talk genuinely about what's on their minds. This all means that this is my dude (me being an advocate for honest, open and transparent communication). We get very deep and into this conversation. We cover the gamut from the origins to his podcast, to an instance of sharing a bit of our own stories, deep inner thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves, our heroes (shout out to WTF w/ Marc Maron, and Max Fun podcasts), and motivation and drive and surprise surprise, I get help with my own shit. Give this fierce conversation a listen, you're going to enjoy it.  

ep68 Logan.png

Show Notes:

  •  Today's musical interstitial is excerpted from: Joey Pecoraro - "Your Favorite Place"
  • Give Logan's website a visit over at http://logantylernelson.com/
    • As mentioned, you can find his podcast over here or on Stitcher here, iTunes here, libsyn here
    • Check SYOI on FB here, insta, twitter
    • Lastly, can contact him through here, or email him at logan@logantylernelson.com