Episode 62 - Anthony M. Verna III (Law and Business Podcast)

Everyone say hi to Anthony M. Verna III. He's the managing partner at Verna Law, P.C. out in Westchester New York. He also runs the Law and Business podcast where he focuses on various aspects of intellectual property law. In this episode we talk about what he does in his intellectual property law practice as well as the journey that led him to his chosen field. In this conversation we talk: trademark, copyright, and various intellectual property law. What I thought was interesting is how Anthony strives his best to differentiate his practice in an already specific niche by both constantly working to improve himself, his practice, and how he does business in general. Give this a listen, you'll enjoy it. 

Here's a little more info on Verna Law, P.C. as well as Anthony himself, 

With a strong focus on TrademarkCopyrightDomain Names, Entertainment, and Advertising law, Verna Law, P.C. strives to provide all Intellectual Property services a modern business of any size may need to market and promote itself better.

Anthony has lead multiple continuing education classes and professional development seminars including Practicing Before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board at Lawline.com,  Intellectual Property Law for Small Law Firms at Rutgers Law School-Camden and  Advanced Trademark Trial & Appeal Board Techniques and Practicing before Trademark Trial & Appeal Board TTAB for Lawline.com as well as Copyright Basics: The Nuts & Bolts for the Jenkins Law Libary. His paper,  “www.WhatsInA.Name” was published in the Seton Hall Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law.

Show notes:

  • Today musical interstitial is "Quarter Chicken Dark" by Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chis Thile, and Stuart Duncan
  • Check out Verna Law for more information about the various services that they provide. www.vernalaw.com
    • While you're there check out Anthony's podcast, "Law and Business", and blog  by clicking HERE. He posts a lot of interesting info pertaining to intellectual property law.  
    • Speaking of his podcast, here's the link to the specific episode from Sydney he mentioned during the conversation, click HERE
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