Episode 63 - Pule O Ikaika Ohana (Jason & Winston)

Give a warm welcome to Jason Rosado and Winston Peterson. They're on today's show to talk about their new non-profit organization, Pule O Ikaika Ohana. Pule O Ikaika Oahana loosely translates from Hawaiian to "Gathering of the Warrior Family". It's a non-profit corporation created to serve military veterans by creating a place of community. Their initial aim of their mission is to give veterans an outlet of expression and an opportunity to create media productions.

We get a little more background on the initial inspiration for creating the non-profit. We also get to learn a little about where both Jason’s and Winston’s backgrounds shape the drive to creating the organization in the first place. I'll let the guys tell their story. You'll enjoy it.

**Note** This recording took place in 2017 so the times stated like "later this year" meant late 2017 and early 2018. (I just didn't want to cause you all any confusion).

Show Notes:

  • Today's musical interlude is brought to you by: ProleteR- "Soul Key"
  • The official Website for Pule O Ikaika Ohana can be found HERE

  • More information on The Unseen, the project that Jason & Winston are currently working on, can be found HERE