Episode 61 - Davin Dionisio (Enjoy the Ride)

Everyone say hi to Davin Dionisio. He's currently working as a certified occupational therapy assistant here in Hawaii. He's a great friend that I've know from way, way back (like from elementary days) and it shows by the way we to talk to each other. I think the most important facet I got from this conversation is to just enjoy the ride. We do take a ride in Davin's story. I'll let him tell you himself. I enjoyed it and I know you will too. Tangents ahoy, it's gonna be great. 

Show notes:

 - This episode's musical interstitial is provided by I Eat Plants for a Living - "Save Me"

 Here's some random references:

  • Here's a link to more about Activites of daily living HERE
  • Here's some further reference on why food poisoning was such a weird tangent in this convo. HERE
  • I think I mentioned a Manapua truck before. Way before food trucks, and we used to get shaved ice (although, I did use them for cigarettes). Here's a quick vid for your reference. HERE 
  • I apologize for the language, we do get super explicit when I'm with my friends.
  • I did enjoy the hell out of this one.
  • Hawaii does enjoy their fireworks and aerial fireworks are illegal here, but here's what my neighborhood looked like on NYE 2018 HERE, HERE, AND HERE