Episode 55 - Ricky Deleon

Everyone, say hi to my good friend Ricky Deleon. I think the one of the main themes in this talk (among so many) is the thought of forging your own way... no matter what external forces tell you. Ricky was born and raised in Waiminalo on the the island of Oahu and we talk about how this can shape a through-line in his life. We talk about what he's faced through childhood informing him in his career as an equal opportunity officer in the Air Force to an even stronger need to be a positive force of equality and equity in society at large. We even talk about fulfilling a childhood dream of flying. And among all of that we talk about so much more. Give it a listen and I know you'll love it. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Show Notes:

  • Today's musical interstitial is brought you to by: Owl City - Fireflies (Said the Sky Remix)
  • If you find yourself on Oahu, why not take up a gliding adventure with Above and Beyond Hawaii.
    • Visit www.abovebeyondhawaii.com to view Ricky's awesome gliding services, you'll love it
    • In the gallery on the right you'll find pictures of the gliders in action. Also enjoy some water pictures as well.
  • Special Thanks to Ricky and Tamy for providing their beautiful home to record their mutual sessions.