Episode 58 - Raphael Ramos

Everyone say what's up to Raphael Ramos. He's one of the amazing people I've met through Toastmasters. He works at Atlas Insurance, like Elaine Panlilio (Episode 37) just different department. We get to talking about a bunch of themes that pop up in Raphael's life. First and foremost is is passion for music and finance. The main theme I sense in this talk is his compelling need to get things done, no matter what. From hustling to help his family as he was younger to working his way through grad school to breaking out of his shell from Toastmasters to getting his grind on in his journey to find purpose and meaning. We go a lot of places and I felt I learned a lot too. Enjoy. 

  • Today's interstitial musical interlude is brought to you by the: The Meters - "Find Yourself" speaking of funky bass lines
  • I've also take the liberty of making a few links to some cool little tuba pieces, because they sound fun:
    • Here's a link to the full piece of Tubby the Tuba - https://youtu.be/7cbI1tdX-1E
    • Here's a link to Daugherty – "Reflections on the Mississippi", for tuba and orchestra - https://youtu.be/zUMkHzAH6Mo
    • I just thought this one was fun because the intro at 0:02sec the lady in the audience perked up and it was hilarious... also another awesome solo Third Symphony - James Barnes (solo Tuba) - https://youtu.be/ribMR6UL2xg
    • Lastly this one is not just hilarious. I'm amazed at the talent. PLUS!! It looks like Pitbull can play the tuba! It's the best!Mnozil Brass: Brandströtter Tuba Solo - https://youtu.be/Y4Rul-qYAGQ