Episode 60 - Miles Guy

Everyone say hi to Miles Guy. I met Miles through mutual friends (read that as quidditch). Miles is currently a student at the University of Hawaii. He has a knack for languages and it shows by the number of them popping up in his studies. That's not the only thing that pops up as Miles' interests are varied and wide. Originally from California, we talk how his journey brings him to Hawaii as well as his various experiences and interests. Throughout this winding conversation we talk: la femme nikita (I shit you not), world languages, healing, ancestry, the importance of a nemesis and other bits and bobs. In the end, it boils down to life long learning and diving into what really interests you. It was a fun talk. Enjoy. 

  • This episode's musical interstitial is brought to you by: Snail's House - Grape Soda [Tasty Release]