Episode 17 - Benji Menor

Benji Menor loves film.  Get to know a little more about this young film maker and his relationship with film from as far back as he can remember to today. We talk about film school and creating films, a bit about his background, what we can do with the medium, and definitely what propels him to continue on his path and where he feels it's taking him. One of his latest works, "Family Storage", has been selected and will be screened at HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival). 

As a side note, we get to hear a bunch of me getting shit wrong about movies, I throw out terrible assumptions of one of Dostoyevsky's celebrated works, and I have a massive brain fart... I enjoyed it anyway, I'm pretty sure you'd be down for it as well.

If you'd love to see more of Benji's works, you can check out the teaser trailer for his film "Family Storage" here. If that intrigued you, look for it when HIFF comes around again for the fall. You can also check out that short film we were talking about that I helped out with here (there be swears... cool kids only folks).

**UPDATE 11/3/16** 

More info on Family Storage during the Fall Honolulu International Film Festival. It will be playing as a part of the "ACM UHM & Shanghai University Night" which starts on November 10th 6PM @ Dole Cannery Theatres. More info at the link below.