Episode 23 - Corey Pabo

Corey Pabo is one of my great friends. I always like to think that he has like an awesome superpower of picking up new skills relatively quickly (read as, just about the very first time). But that aside, he is a skilled carpenter, retired soldier, and a committed family man. We get to talking about a lot of different subjects, we get a nice working theory of what it means to work under pressure, what it means to go with the flow, what it means really get what you want, how to work through the suck in a job, the various projects he worked on, and how to proudly be a jack of all trades. We also talk about the tv show Limitless... which I loved as well (future sponsor of the show). It sure feels like I wrote a lot, but there's more story to tell so I'll let Corey tell it. 

We also talk a about the company he works with, Wave Builders. This is a brand new construction company that does pretty much everything. If you have a project that you would like to have done, perhaps some remodeling or other carpentry work. Give Wave Builders some consideration for your estimate. They'll have their website out pretty soon and I'll sure to share the link with you all. In the meantime you can send any inquires to the show email at hygyst@gmail.com.