Episode 22 - Jason Baguio (switch!)

Today was an interesting episode. I'd like to officially call it the "switcheroo" episode or Happy opposite day! Previous guest Aubrey Pabon (Episode - 15) let me know that she wanted to put me on the other side of the mic for once and ask me some questions. So today's guest is Jason Baguio. If your are one of the few people who have read the "about me" section of the website and shook your fist at the ambiguity of it all.... then shake your fist further for just a little more information. Seriously though, today's conversation revolves around the idea that became the seed for the podcast, some personal triumphs/struggles, dating advice (I guess), following through on the creative and inventive process, even what injustices I would stand up for, and just a grand ole' time with Aubrey. There's a lot of other things covered, but I'll let myself tell that story (or really because I probably forgot). Get a little closer peak behind the curtain and a little in my head and the process. A great big thanks to Aubrey Pabon for the idea and facilitating the interview portion. She did such a fantastic job and I feel like seeing more of these interviews periodically. Enjoy this one everyone.