Episode 20 - Sarah Daigle (Super Nova Sarah)

Today we'll be talking with Sarah Daigle. She's a gong meditation facilitator, energy healer, wonderful and amazing woman, and fantastically engaged storyteller. She tells the story of the hows and whys that brought her to her practice with the gong.

She is also the head of SuperNova Energetics which you can also find on Facebook here. Her company seeks to use not just the gong, but Reiki and meditation to name a few of the holistic options available in assisting people in finding their passions, unique purpose, and inner power. If this sparks your interest, please head over to SuperNova Energetics for additional information. You can also find out more about Sarah on Facebook as Super Nova Sarah.

I enjoyed the direction of this conversation, and I know you will too. Give it a whirl.