Episode 15 - Aubrey Pabon

Aubrey Pabon has many facets to her: she's an airman, a gong meditation facilitator, an amazing and caring person, and a fantastically busy plate spinner. Listen to the stories she shares about all the experiences she's had through the projects that she's grown from the smallest seeds of ideas. Like her projects, we talk about what it means to grow... and keep on growing. Enjoy this conversation. 

She is also the vision behind F4EO. What is F4EO? It stands for Fight for Each Other and the project is centered around the idea that ALL member of ALL services of the military are one family. And as one family, are all hurt equally by suicide. The project is centered around talks and stories shared by those affected by military related suicide in one way, shape or form. Check out this article.

If you want more information on the event and program itself, please visit their website over at:


Look out for her as well as The Gong Lady or just Aubrey Pabon on facebook.