Episode 5 - Life Coaches (Lunch Break)

Now this was a fun little group interview. Previous to this interview I've embarked on a 90 day program with a few other coaches as we help others really get their shit together... well more like achieve their goals. This talk happened around day 60 where we get a little time to check in where we are at. Enjoy this mini sesh with my fellow life coaches: Annette DesRochere and Tasha and Ed Morita. 

Show Notes:

 - Today's musical interstitial is excerpted from: Goodie Mob - Soul Food

 - We keep mentioning PLD which stands for: Pacesetters' Leadership Dynamics. This is the 90-day goal program where we help people get their goals. It's a coaching program offered under the PSI Seminars umbrella. Like most of it's programs, it's magic.