Episode 11 - Toastmasters Roundtable (Kathy, Cain, Liz)

Today we are back at Studio C for a couple of reasons. 1. We had just completed a comedy event with a bunch of other toastmasters and I thought, why not get a couple of them in the room to chat. 2. We had the wonderful Kathy Emery here on island and I didn't want to miss a chance to have a conversation. 3. I also wanted to include Liz Kamano into this conversation. And, 4. Maybe Cain wanted to redeem himself for last time. I know at least one of those statements is not true, haha. 

I just really wanted to take the chance to get a bunch of toastmasters together and talk about what got us to do the thing we're doing. We'll talk about many other things as well so enjoy this chat.