Episode 1 - Jamie Lynn Lano

The wonderful and talented Jamie Lynn Lano is an artist, mangaka, risk taker and story teller. I met her about 2 years ago when we learned we had too much in common, which is ironic seeing as how there is too much that could be different. She has a fantastic lust for life and is prone to enormous leaps of faith. Join us as we talk art, comics, movies, and a little of what it's like living as a 6'-0" american mangaka assistant in Japan. Visit her website at www.jamieism.com 

Show notes:

- The musical interlude for our first episode and our theme song is excerpted from: Pillowfight - Get your Shit Together

- Give a visit to her Jamie's website at: www.jamieism.com

- If you're interested in more of her stories working as a mangaka assistant, definitely check out her book "Princess of Tennis" here's a direct link here.