Episode 51- Daniel Cheung

Everyone, say hello to Daniel Cheung. Daniel say hello to everyone. You all play nice now.Daniel works in the finacial sector, specifically we're talking about wealth planning... we're talking retirement planning as well as insurance planning for his clients. He's been in the game for about 11 years and we talk about his journey that leads him to his specific chosen field. Along the way we hit specific points such as, the trials of college, going "all in" with a leap of faith, and following your path. We also talk about all the things that keep him in the game which among other things, is the precious relationships that have been built, the very sense of ohana. We also get down to the personal story of his own ohana, a story that is both Hawaiian local and international. He has a fantastic tale, come round the circle and give it a listen, I know you'll enjoy it.

- This episode's interstitial music is excerpted from: Vanilla - Tomorrow