Episode 50 - Kenoilani Kolii

Everyone say hi to Kenoilani Kolii. She is one of my great friends from Toastmasters. And she's here to help, literally. As she described it, she is a firm believer of a person giving of their time and talents to share with the rest of the world. Makes sense, right? Everyone has something that they're good at, and there are a great and many things that make each and every person so very unique and special. Why not find a way to share it with the most people you can? I am inspired by this talk and I know you will as well. I'll let her tell her story.

- Today's interstitial music is excerpted from Karuna - Try Something New

- Find your favorite organization and give your talents to help change the world

- And definitely check out Toastmasters. Find a club near you! Check this link.