Episode 49 - Joey Garza (Joey Shibata)

Everybody say hello to the wonderful, talented, wonderfully talented Joey Garza (Joey Shibata). Joey works as a safety manager for a concrete and mining organization in the state of Hawaii. I want to say that Joey is also a member of the plate spinning society (like most of my friends and myself as well). This revelation doesn't surprise me. She has a lot going on with the multiple boards she is with, her day job, a growing side business, throw in a splash of volunteering all over the place, and taking the time to be an awesome parent to her fantastic daughters, the work-stuff-life balance topic really comes into play. Listen as we wax on the intricacies of safety, aerospace, the crazy turns of life,  state workers, life philosophies, and a fun journey that is no where near ending. I'll let Joey tell her story. You're going to enjoy this.

Show Notes:

 - This episode's interstitial interlude is excerpted from: Flamingois - Brunch at the Bodega

 - Give Shibata Safety Consulting a ring if you are in the need to up your safety game.