Episode 47- Jon Muramoto

Everyone say hi to my good buddy Jon Muramoto. I met him through our old crew of friends from one of our workout groups, 45UTB (there should be a whole episode explaining that... for next time). We talk about how everything he's learned circles back to how he wants to create an impact in shaping young minds. We talk about his story, family, his upbringing, what brings him to Hawaii from California, education, philosophy, ethnic identity, and how sport factors into his life whether it be baseball, crossfit, or whatever else under the sun. This conversation was recorded at Jon's house over a couple of craft beers, with the rain pouring outside, and waiting for the pizza to come in. Corey Pabo (ep23) pops up as well into the discussion. We definitely get to the point when we just wax philosophical and Jon definitely comes at the conversation, as with his life, with gusto. Enjoy the heck out of this everyone. 

Show Notes:

- This episode's musical interstitial is excerpted from:  Globetroddas - Love

- Check out past 45UTB guests: Brandon Dela Cruz (ep7), Peter Go (ep12), Mike Bearis (ep14), Corey Pabo (ep23) and future guests!!!

Say hi to Jon everybody!!