Episode 46 - Danny Gallagher

Everyone say hi to Danny Gallagher, my good friend, my brother, and a spectacularly human being. I like when I get in a good conversation with Danny, you can tell because we are both actively getting more and more stoked and elevated as we progress. He works as a fitness consultant, making sure that his clients' bodies as well as states of mind are in the best shape for anything. In this talk we follow his story and talk about: following your dreams, dropping the mic, marketing, travel, racial identity, nerd stuff,.. and much more. I'll let Dan tell the tale. Enjoy.

Show notes:

- This episode's musical interstitial is excerpted from:  Visioneers - Ike's Mood I

- For a little peek behind the curtain, here's a video of this entire recording back in November. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT!