Episode 45 - Ernest Ugale

Everyone say hi to Ernest Ugale. He's one of my great friends that I've know for quite some time. We're talking about a friendship spanning more than 20 years from our time in high school, which we both talk about at length, possibly commiserate...you decide which. We also talk about what brings him up to current with his training with the federal fire department. And we also talk about vision. Ernest is here to help, period. We're not talking about just a fellow human being. He's here to help, whether you're animal, vegetable, or mineral. What does that have to do with love, politics, social welfare, Hawaii's rail project, and taxes? That's Ernest's story to tell. Give it a listen, it'll be great. 

Show Notes:

- This episode's musical interstitial is from:  Jai Wolf - Indian Summer

- As mentioned, go sign a petition on change.org and save some aminals.