Episode 43 - Erwin Legaspi

Everyone, say hi to Erwin Legaspi. Erwin is a devoted husband, father, accomplished martial artist, and a dedicated student of life. He works as an advisor to highschool students to get them into college. I have to say I enjoyed this conversation so much. And the hits kept on coming after recording, when he wrote about his experience on facebook. I read it and thought, "well, there's the episode description right there."

“How You G.Y.S.T. podcast with Jason Baguio (now on iTunes!)
in that which we discuss life perspectives as it relates to Biblical historiography, the challenge of adapting to gentrification and the industrialization of the Hawaiian landscape, and the subtle influence of parental personalities on career decisions, reclaiming the personal narrative (& conceptions of success, and mental sovereignty), and an academic survey of various topics as it relates to the pursuit of the Niezstchean ubermensch ideal.
Basic coffee talk about world domination and being beyond awesome and beyond sexy.”
— Erwin Legaspi
Thanks Erwin, you're the best.

The man himself in his awesomeness.

Show notes:

 - The musical interlude for this episode is brought to you by: Rodrigo y Gabriela - Buster Voodoo