Episode 39 - Eric Taramasco

This is Eric Taramasco. Everyone say hi. I've known Eric for some years through toastmasters. Eric is a great guy and an engineer through and through. He currently works with Pacific Aquascapes. A contractor that handles water feature work for a lot of Hawaii businesses. We talk a bit about some of his current projects as well as his story which I feel is apt because water definitely factors into Eric's story. We talk a bunch of things: family, construction, drones, surfing and much, much more.  I'll let Eric tell his story from here. I had a great time doing it. 

Show Notes:

- This episode's musical interstitial is brought to you by:  XIXX - Mai Tai

- In the gallery linked below you'll find some pics for his current project. Specifically we're talking about that pool on the 7th floor that sticks out about 15 feet or so. 

Say Hi to Eric everybody!!