Episode 40 - Davida Hoffman

Everyone say hi to Davida Hoffman! Davida say what's up to everyone. I met Davida specifically from group of friends through Jaime Lano (from way back in Episode 1), Thuy Nguyen (Episode 13), and Justin Wong (Episode 9). I'm pretty sure we met through quidditch or something. This conversation revolves a lot around the idea of responsibility and a lot about "adulting". We go through a lot of ideas like: religion, highschool, being a jedi, the Tao Te Ching, chasing dragons (sometimes figurative and sometimes literal), her plans on being a young mom and newlywed, family, Charles Dijou (for some reason?) and much, much more. I really loved learning more of Davida's story, because literally all of this was new to me at the time (recorded mid-November). I really loved the narrative of the conversation and I know you all will enjoy it too. Check it!!

Show notes:

- This episode's musical interstitial is brought to you by:  Monsieur Periné - Nuestra Canción ft. Vicente García


Everyone, say hi to Davida