Episode 38 - Frankie Empeno

Everyone meet Frankie Empeno. I met Frankie through one of the anime events I went to thanks to friend of the show and past guest Mike Bearis (episode 14). Specifically we're talking about one of the picnics hosted by Anime Matsuri. Frankie is currently a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa majoring in Japanese with a minor in Asian Studies. He is also the assistant director for regristration for Kawaii Kon, one of Hawaii's oldest anime convention. In this episode Frankie talks about his journey to finding his own path to identity. And we also talk about a lot of other things in this episode: quidditch, anime and how he got into it growing up in Hawaii, DDR, tea, giving back and providing a sense of community and much, much more. I'll let Frankie tell his story, I had a great time and I know you will too. 

Show notes:

- This episode's musical interstitial is brought to you by:  Vulfpeck - Santa Baby

- Kawaii Kon 2017 is coming up in April 7-9, 2017 over at the Hawaii Convention Center. They're always looking for VOLUNTEERS. If you want more information, check out kawaiikon.com

- Comic Con Honolulu 2017 is also next year in July 28-30 (hey my birthday is in there!). Check them out at comiconhonolulu.com

- The Alohamora Quidditch Team is also looking for peeps to play. (give them a google) Also come play quidditch in general it's super fun.