Episode 33 - John Hom (Johnny Hom)

Aloha everyone. This is John Hom. He's a husband, a father, a pastor, and my very good friend from high school. That whole pastor part of his life was totally unknown to me for a very long time (wow, how good of a friend am I huh?), but it does factor heavily into his life. In fact, we talk a lot about his faith and what continually drives him forward in what I'd like to call the "plan". It's a very good story and I feel we did a good job of keeping it focused on what needed to be said. Jon has accomplished much and I'll let him tell it. 

Show notes:

- Jon's specific Parish is  Central Baptist Church over at 1217 Nehoa St. in Honolulu, HI (www.cbchawaii.net).  Stop by for a visit and some services if you feel so inclined. 

- This episode's musical interstitial interlude is by: Dan Deacon - "When I was Done Dying"