Episode 29 - Kory Ikeda

Hey y'all, this is Kory Ikeda (I'm pretty sure I'm doing this thing where I'm a person who says y'all now). Me and him go way back to mechanical engineering at university. We're also both members of Hawaiian Dredging Toastmasters (though you'd never know that from the subject being absent from the conversation).  What I can tell you all though, (see that, that was a perfect opportunity to say y'all, but I didn't. That's called keeping the audience in their toes.) is that I had a fantastic time reflecting on this conversation. You'll definitely hear it from Kory about the triumphs and troubles he got into in just about every situation and turn. The brother has a wise streak a mile long and it shows. And through it all though he definitely is a man of vision. I had a great time doing this and I'm sure y'all are going to have a kick out of this one. 

A big shout out to previous guest and friend of the show Dean Masai for providing the recording space. 

FYI, this episode's interstitial interlude is The Sound Providers - The Field.