Episode 28 - Jon Bynes

This is Jon Bynes. I first met him during PLD (mentioned on previous episodes) and I have to say... this guy gets busy. The dude has a lot going on. But in the end, that's the point of it all right? I'm pretty sure that's what I learned from Shawshank Redemption. :D

Jon's business is business. Whether he's working his auto detailing business or commercial real estate or even back in the bar or whatever he sees himself doing. He has such a great story about opportunities and the sneaky way the universe works to present them. Here's the thing about the law of attraction, when you do keep that idea/goal in your head so dang hard, the universe cannot help but give you the opportunity to take it. It'll definitely take a shift in perspective to see it, and that's for damn sure. 

Listen to Jon's story it's going to be awesome. 

Today's interstitial interlude, OHD - "Priorities"