Episode 31 - Alex Shu

Hey everyone meet my good friend Alex Shu. He's one of the many people I've met playing airsoft. Most especially from our mutual friend Mark Mabuti (shout out to Mark for all those awesome games). Alex is an entrepreneur, a natural raconteur, and he is very passionate about the things that he's doing in his life. One of the things he has going on is that he is the owner and operator of Aim Point LLC which provides firearms instruction as well as experiences to all. There will be talk about guns because this is one of Alex's many passions. We will also talk about the experience of jumping into a new business, following your passions, the lessons we learn from family, what it means to risk, how to make that leap of faith, and a lot of other things about life in general. I'm done talking now, I'll let Alex tell his story from there.

Show notes:

 - Contact for AimPoint L.L.C. Real Firearms Activities & Training, 4300 Waialae Ave, STE 405b, Honolulu, HI, 96815, 808-428-7877, Aimpointhawaii@gmail.com, Monday-Sunday 9:00am-5:30pm

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  Here's some additional pics of Alex at work