Episode 30 - Adele Yoshikawa

Ladies and gentlemen, Adele! ...Hello... Ok I'm not going to use that joke. This is Adele Yoshikawa. The first thing that I'm sure everyone notices about her is the flower in her hair, her joyous smile, and especially her happy beingness... her overwhelming happy and spectacularly positive beingness. To Adele, this is all part of the plan to spread that joy, love, and positivity into the universe. As we'll learn from her story, this is definitely intentional. She is your friendly neighborhood mail carrier, but she is so much more, from helping with the food bank, to being a shining example to her kids, to the amazing ways she takes to promotion and business,  she has big plans for the impact she wants to create. I definitely had a most fantastic time with this conversation, and I know you all will as well. 

Show notes. 

 - The food drive that is mentioned in the show is the Letter Carrier's "Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive, scheduled for May 13, 2017. They are in their early planning stages for Hawaii, so we'll update everyone as the date comes closer.

- Frequently mentioned, PSI Seminars' Honolulu December Basic Seminar is coming up (December 2-4). We've talked a lot about this class and I can totally vouch for the amazing experience and lessons that I continually get from taking it. Contact the show at email button below (hygyst@gmail.com) or give me a call 808-391-3452 if you have any questions and want to sign up for the class, you'll be glad you did.

This episode's interstitial interlude is by Genevieve - Show your colors.

Just wanted to show a quick picture of Adele with her AWESOME family.

Just wanted to show a quick picture of Adele with her AWESOME family.