Episode 26 - Arthur Balligui

Art Balligui just wants to be a good guy. I'll let him share his story and you'll definitely know more about that when you hear it. What I know though is that Art is a great guy willing to do whatever it takes to hone his craft and move him forward in his chosen path. I know that he will be ready, open, and willing to take the opportunities that present themselves to him because he's just that kind of guy. Art is an actor, stunt man, fight choreographer, and stunt coordinator for various projects in local film. Essentially Art is there either in front of the camera performing amazing stunts, behind the camera coordinating the scene so the action tells the story, or with the various players making sure that these amazing stunts are performed precisely and safely. He shares with us his story on how his journey has got him where he is and where he feels it's taking him. We also talk about how to deal with life's challenges. We recorded out of studio A and I enjoyed the heck out of this conversation and I know you will too. Enjoy. 

Below you can find links to some of Art's projects he's worked on.

From Within (Sneak Peak)

Paradise Justice (trailer)

Jackie Claxton (behind the scenes stunt training)