Episode 25 - Jason Anthenien

Today's episode focuses on one of my good friends with an awesome name... this is Jason Anthenien. He works as a financial service provider for New York Life. We talk about that crazy journey he took to get to where he is today. I originally met him a couple of years ago playing ultimate frisbee and we have been great friends ever since, but I don't think I've ever heard his whole story. He originally comes from California and I really didn't get to hear his story until now. Did you ever want to get something and have (at best) half a plan? Well this is in there. Ever get in that situation where you need to just keep consistent at a thing to get better and better? That's in there as well. We also talk a lot about race, politics, life choices, politics, and sports. North Korea shows up again as well which is interesting as that's two conversations in a row. Anyway, there's more than just that and I'll let Jason tell you the story himself. Enjoy.