Episode 24 - Chris Lum Lee

This guy right here? That's Chris Lum Lee. People... let me tell you about this conversation. Another one of the Jack of many trades kind of person, Chris' story here is one with many bendy twists and turns. In his own words he is an "aspiring writer, investor, and traveler." But to summarize a person's story up to this point with just three things would be a disservice. A life lived is so much richer than I can put into some little blurb description chunk, but here we go. 

We get to talking about a great and many things, mostly about the creative process and how one would continue to drive toward and complete the goals they set out for themselves. We also talk how pro wrestling got Chris into buying stocks or a bottle of water sparks up memories of North Korea (hopefully someone's listening from there... what's up North Korea), a little about our school experiences, and I speak about some behind the scenes process in creating these episodes. That's just a taste of this entire epic conversation (an amuse-bouche if you will). I'll let our own words do the talking (does that sound right?). What are you waiting for... get to listening!