About Jason Baguio

Thinking deep thoughts

Jason Baguio was born and raised in the beautiful and magestic, albeit expensive as hell, state of Hawaii. He is a first generation born of immigrant parents from the Philippines. His parents were both teachers and instilled within him the importance of learning and education. It also meant that learning cool new stuff is not only a value to Jason, it can also be incredibly boring if the interest is not there to begin with.

... [looks left, then right]


Ok I think the coast is clear to stop writing in the 3rd person.



Hi I'm Jason Baguio (whew that feels better, and seriously, fuck that 3rd person nonsense). I've lived in Hawaii my entire life which means a couple of things. 1. I'm used to shit being expensive, because everything here is shipped in from everywhere else. 2. I'm prone to turning the pidgin on in casual conversation. This means that the more casual I am with the conversation, more kine pidgin going come out (for example). 3. In an ethnically diverse place like Honolulu, I am way more loose and prone to celebrate our ethnic differences. and 4. Some other things that will be displayed at a later date (might be never).

Welcome to the How you GYST podcast. 

I started this podcast because I thought of two simple thoughts:

How often do I take the time to celebrate my wins? Like really taken the time to stop and just take stock of my life.


How often do I take the time to stop and connect with the people in my life to have these worthwhile deep conversations about... life? At one point in my life I felt like it never happened.

I took those two thoughts, squashed them together, bought a bunch of audio equipment, learned some editing, stol... borrowed some awesome music, contacted some friends, and started a podcast.

And when I need to clean up and such.

I'm just a guy that loves to talk with people and frankly when was the last time you talked about what happens in your life instead of like... the weather or someshit. You may or may not know the people in the guest list, but give the episode a listen.. you'll know that person by the end of the talk.

And that's what I'm doing here, sharing ideas, laughing, and untangling life... one story at a time.